QMF 3.5M

genset-metEngine base

• 4 strokes Farymann base Diesel engine tested in all marine or industrial applications throughout the world.


• Delivering a continuous power of 3.2 kW and able to provide up to 3.5 kW.
• IP21 protection (additional level available on demand).

Sound shield

• The soundproof is completely made in polyester dust painted marine aluminium (Alloy 5754 H111), with support structure to the which are applied fi ve panels complete with retractable locking levers easily removable. This gives the genset a maximum threshold of 54 dB at 7 meters – the equivalent of a dishwasher.
• Electric connections, water inlet and outlet joints as well as the exhaust pipe are integrated into the cocoon.


1. Fuel outlet
2. Fuel inlet
3. Seawater connexion
4. Power cables
5. Command cables
6. Battery cables
7. Ground connexion
8. Hourmeter
9. Circuit breaker
10. Exhaust

Genset ratings

kVA max*/cont*: 3.5/3.2

kW max/cont: 3.5/3.2q

Voltage (V): 230

Frequency (Hz): 50

Amperes max/cont: 15.2/13.9

*Single-phased output with power factor cos φ=1

Generator main features

Synchronous, single phase

2 poles, Class H insulation

Voltage regulation of ± 5%