genset-met• 4 strokes Diesel engine tested in all marine or industrial applications throughout the world.
• Engine block in cast iron type tunnel and timing gear.

Injection and combustion system

• The Super Glow System comes as standard equipment to start the engine in cold temperatures.
• The E-TVCS injection system produces an ideal air/fuel mixture by creating three vortexes in the combustion chamber. The combustion efficiency is improved, resulting in low fuel consumption.

Cooling system

• Cooling is ensured by heat exchange between coolant and seawater in an heat exchanger, or via a Keel Cooling system.
• Seawater pump with rubber impeller.


• Delivering a continuous power of 8.8 kW and able to provide up to 10 kW.
• IP21 protection (additional level available on demand).

Sound shield

• Connexions to the fuel, cooling and electrical circuit in front of the sound enclosure.

Main components

1. Oil drain pump
2. Fuel feed pump
3. Fuel filter
4. Expansion tank
5. Seawater pump
6. Oil filter
7. Oil filling
8. Exhaust elbow

Genset ratings

Continuous / max power (kW)*: 8.8 / 10

Continuous / max current (A): 38.3 / 43.5

Voltage (V): 230

Frequency (Hz): 50

*Continuous (COP) & Max Power (PRP) according to ISO8528-1

Single-phased output with power factor cos φ=1

Generator main features

Class H insulation, Radio suppression

Voltage accuracy of ± 1.5%

Electronic regulator