Nanni Diesel has forged a strong partnership with Kubota. Kubota engines are known for their robust design, great reliability and excellent longevity. Advanced technologies used by Kubota on their latest generation engines are also employed by our N2.10.


Environmental-Tri Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS)

The N2.10 is equipped with the E-TVCS combustion and injection system which considerably reduces particulate emission and smoke while dramatically improving fuel efficiency.



The N2.10 is a 2 cylinder engine with low speed of 3000 rpm and optimised flywheel ensuring excellent comfort concerning sound and vibration levels. The engine produces significant power and high torque at low rpm for worry free port manoeuvring. An optional boiler can easily be connected to the heat exchanger.

Saving space and weight

Saving space, the dimensions of the N2.10 are almost identical to 1 cylinder engines of the competition without a heat-exchanger. Its low weight allows it to be easily installed in small motor boats and small racing sailing boats or cruising boats. Also the design of the motor mounts and the exhaust system facilitate easy repowering of your boat.

Protecting the environment

The engine complies with the most stringent emission regulations in the world: RCD 2013/53/EU BSO2 .

Available transmissions

TMC40 (mechanical)

Sail Drive SP60 2.38:1

Technical details