Kubota engine base

The latest technologies employed by Kubota resulted in a robust design for the N3.21. The industrial engine base is proven in the most difficult conditions of usage.


Reliability and Comfort

This engine has a proven reliability record and the new marinization has even added to its quality level.
The latest generation heat exchanger improves the temperature regulation, which quality can particularly be appreciated when a boiler is installed. This system further increases the reliability and longevity of the N3.21. A special coating of the pistons with molybdenum lowers friction and reduces engine vibrations resulting in supplementary comfort concerning the sound levels.


Ease of installation

The N3.21 offers several onboard installation options making it suitable for a vast variety of boats. Repowering your boat is a breeze with our installation kits which are specifi cally designed to eliminate the need to modify the frame of your existing engine compartment.


Clean power supply

The N3.21 does not need electronic equipment to comply with the latest environmental requirements on raw materials. The emission regulations RCD 2013/53/EU EPA marine Tier 3 BSO 2 are easily complied with as the result of the improved combustion and injection system E-TVCS (Environmental-Tri Vortex Combustion System). The particulate emission and smoke have been signifi cantly reduced and the fuel consumption.


Available transmissions

TMC40 (mechanical)

TTMC35A (mechanical) 7┬░

Sail Drive: SP60 2.38:1

Technical details