Marine Propulsion Specialist

The combination of over 40 years experience with Nanni Diesel’s engineering team in marinising and complete marine propulsion systems with Kubota’s leading technology in diesel engine manufacturing has resulted in the N3.30 becoming the preferred choice for skippers and boat owners around the world.


Reliability and comfort

Kubota engines are renowned for their robust design, reliability and advanced technologies. Add to this the modern marinising equipment including the latest generation of heater changer and you have an engine built for the most arduous of applications providing longevity and low maintenance cost.
With a cast iron cylinder block and cylinder head, timing gears rather than timing belt and direct driven raw water pump maintenance is straightforward and minimal. Quiet smooth running is assured with a high inertia fl ywheel and a special coating of the pistons which lowers friction and reduces engine vibrations.
Its SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) certification also proves that the engine meets the stringent safety standards currently in effect for lifeboat engines – giving further confi dence to the owner.
A complete range of electrical generators developed by Nanni Diesel enables the N3.30 to supply all the electricity required for comfort equipment and electronic navigation devices on board.


Protecting the environment

The N3.30 complies with the most stringent emission regulations in the world : RCD 2013/53/EC EPA marine Tier 3 BSO 2. The E-TVCS combustion and injection system also considerably reduces particulate emission and smoke throughout the rpm range while dramatically improving fuel efficiency.


Ease of Installation

Its compact size and weight makes this an ideal choice for a new build project or repowering as specially adapted feet and installation kits can be provided to suit most applications making this task much easier.


Available transmissions

TMC40 (mechanical)

TTMC35A (mechanical) 7°

TTMC35P (mechanical)

ZF10M (mechanical)

Sail Drive SP60 2.38:1

Technical details