Kubota engine base

Designed for sailing yachts as well as sport fishing boats, the N4.100 is a 4 cylinder diesel engine with direct fuel injection. It benefits from the experience of the Nanni Diesel engineering team in terms of marinization and from the latest technological developments by Kubota for their industrial engine bases.

E-CDIS injection system

The E-CDIS direct injection system equipping the N4.100 is characterized by a injector positioning in the centre of the 4 valves per cylinder. This technology results in considerable reduction of particulate emission. Its low rated rpm of 2800 rpm associated with the direct injection offers you ease of use and important fuel efficiency.

Compact and comfortable

The reduced dimensions of the N4.100 engine allows it to be installed in the smallest engine compartments.
The large choice of straight or angle down gearboxes, either mechanical or hydraulic, as well as a Sail Drive transmission allows you to fully utilize the signifi cant torque of this engine by perfectly adapting it to your specific vessel.
As a result of its 3 litres cylinder capacity and the characteristics of its turbocharger, the N4.100 develops high torque at low rpm. The take-off is also faster and cruising speeds are reached at lower rpm levels. Its two balancing shafts driven by a gearwheel distribution bring robustness and reliability to the engine, while easing its maintenance.

Protecting the environment

The N4.100 complies with the emission regulations : RCD 94/25/EC BSO 2.


Available transmissions

ZF25M (mechanical)

ZF25 (hydraulic)

ZF45A (hydraulic)

ZF45-1 (hydraulic)

ZF25A26 (hydraulic) 8°

TTMC5A (mechanical) 7°

TTM40A (hydraulic) 8°

TMC260 (mechanical)

TM345 (hydraulic)

TM345A (hydraulic) 8°

Technical details