Kubota engine base

This Nanni Diesel 4 cylinder marine engine which incorporates the latest Kubota innovations, is particularly well suited for displacement vessels and sailing yachts. Nanni Diesel has forged a strong partnership with Kubota. Kubota engines are known for their robust design and ensure great reliability and excellent longevity.


Environmental – Tri Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS)

The N4.38 is equipped with the E-TVCS combustion and injection system which considerably reduces particulate emission and smoke while dramatically improving fuel efficiency. This engine is easy to maintain due to timing gears rather than belt and easy access to the principal parts.
For these reasons the N4.38 has become the choice of many boat builders who integrate this engine into their series production race and cruising yachts.



A special coating of the pistons with molybdenum lowers friction and reduces engine vibrations resulting in supplementary comfort concerning the sound levels.
Optional equipment such as different instrument panels, engine wiring, bipolar wiring etc. makes it suitable for numerous types of boats, no matter if they are made out of wood, fi breglass, aluminium or steel.


Light and reliable

Its power to weight ratio and its reliability have convinced the skippers participating in the gruel non-stop around the world “Vendée Globe” race. You do not have to sail around the world yourself to judge. The N4.38 will work discretely and will afford you the benefit of navigating in all serenity while you are out on the open sea.


Protecting the environment

The N4.38 complies with the most stringent emission regulations in the world: RCD 2013/53/EU EPA marine Tier 3 BSO 2.


Available transmissions

TMC60 (mechanical)

TTMC35A (mechanical) 7°

TTMC35P (mechanical)

ZF12M (mechanical)

ZF25A (hydraulic) 8°

ZF12 (hydraulic)

TM345H (hydraulic)

Sail Drive: SP60 2.15:1

Technical details