Toyota engine base

The design of the T8V.370 is based on the 8 cylinder diesel engine which is used and tested on the Land Cruiser 4×4. The robustness of its engine block and its cast iron cylinder head as well as the effi ciency of the different heat exchangers that compose the marinization developed by Nanni Diesel give you the assurance of quality, reliability and longevity that have already convinced many renowned boat builders.

Smooth and performing

The Twin Turbo T8V.370 boasts 8 cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder, which result in unprecedented smoothness providing very quiet and virtually vibration-free comfort.
The T8V.370 is perfectly suited for shaft line boats as a result of the combination of its low rated speed of 3800 rpm, its 4.5 litres capacity and its high torque at low speed. The holeshot of your boat is quicker and the obtained cruising speed at low rpm ensures low fuel consumption.

Compact and powerful

The power to weight ratio of this 370 horsepower engine is one of its greatest advantages. Its reduced dimensions ease installation and have already made it a preferred option on numerous boats.
With this engine you can count on the most dynamic motorization with plenty of power reserve for all situations.

Protecting the environment

The engine complies with the most stringent emission regulations in the world : EPA marine Tier 3 RCD2 2013/53/EU

Technical details