Common Rail technology

This 4.2 litres capacity diesel engine with in line six-cylinder is endowed with an electronically controlled Common Rail direct injection system, delivering high exceptional performance with unbeatable fuel consumption levels.
The Common Rail injection system ensures optimum use of fuel through an injection pressure of over 1500 bar. The fuel thus injected in the combustion chamber allows the engine to deliver more power while reducing noise and vibration significantly.
Accessibility to the different points of service eases the maintenance of the engine as well as the gearwheel distribution which makes furthermore the engine more robust and reliable.


Cycle duty

The V6.200 is intended for professional use in light and medium duty, uo to 2500 hours per year and 30% of time at full load.
It is perfectly suited for shaft line boats as a result of the combination of its rated speed of 3400 rpm, its 4.2 litres capacity and its high torque at low speed.


Available transmissions

ZF45-1 (hydraulic)

ZF63A (hydraulic)

ZF63 (hydraulic)

TTM50A (hydraulic)



User manual: English

Commercial leaflet: English