Comfort through innovation

The Nanni Diesel 4-cylinder engine H4.115 has been developed taking advantage of the latest improvements in terms of modern diesel engines.
Endowed with an electronically controlled Common Rail direct injection system, 4 valves per cylinder, a turbo compressor and two balancing shafts, this engine ensures upscale performances and complies with the most stringent emission regulations in the world, while maintaining low values of fuel consumption.


Saving space and weight

Designed to fit into the smallest engine compartments, this 115 horsepower engine benefi ts from an advantageous power to weight ratio, and makes easy its onboard installation and its maintenance.
The compact marinization, along with the design of the lubrication, cooling and air systems, have made possible to signifi cantly reduce the size of the propulsion package.


Smooth and powerful

The H4.115 is particularly well suited for cruising and fi shing boats. Thanks to a 3000 rpm rating, the cruising speed is reached at low engine revolutions and the time to get into plane is reduced.
Those characteristics allow to navigate keeping low vibration level and fuel consumption values. Moreover, its idle speed of 700 rpm makes easier manoeuvring in the marina as well as trawling fishing.


Protecting the environment

The combination of a common rail fuel injection system with a marinization optimising the intake air and exhaust gas flows allows this engine to comply with the stringent EPA Tier 2 and EU-RCD emissions regulations.

Available transmissions

TM345A (hydraulic)

ZF25A (hydraulic)

TTM40A (hydraulic)

Stern-Drive BRAVO 1,2 & 3