Designed to fulfil boaters requirements

Built with ratings specifically intended for marine applications, these engines deliver their torque at low rpm ensuring a faster hole-shot and stunning acceleration. Cruising speed is reached at comfortably low rpm’s, reducing sound levels and fuel consumption. Whether the boat is fitted with a shaft line, a Stern Drive or an hydro jet transmission system, it will be equipped with the right horsepower and torque to match your demands.


Improved performance through technology

Innovation is the common thread running through the design of this new series of engines, which feature highly advanced technology. By combining a Common Rail injection system and an Electronic Control Unit, the fuel system delivers ideal injection pressures for precise injection timing and optimized fuel combustion process. The valves and the injectors have also been adapted to withstand the rough conditions of marine applications. To create the ideal engine operating temperature in all conditions, the Cooling System is designed to optimize coolant flow and manage coolant temperature within the cylinder block and cylinder head. The compression ratio of 15:1 is by far one of the great advantages of these engines. It results in less heat build-up in the piston bowl and a more efficient combustion process for unmatched durability. The 4 valves per cylinder and the 2 balancing shafts complete the job and give an incredible smoothness with ultra-low vibration and noise. The added values of the technologies employed result in best comfort for the boaters : more performance with low levels of vibration & noise emissions, low operating & maintenance costs and low fuel consumption.


Reliability over time

Thanks to both the reliability of the Toyota engine base and the Nanni’s expertise regarding marine applications, these engines are made to withstand the rough conditions of marine applications and fulfil the needs of reliability, low maintenance costs and ease of use.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Available transmissions

ZF45A (only t4.200 & T4.230)
Sterndrive Bravo One X, Bravo Two X, Bravo Three X