Common Rail technology

This 4.2 litres capacity diesel engine with in line six-cylinder is endowed with an electronically controlled Common Rail direct injection system, delivering high exceptional performance with unbeatable fuel consumption levels.
The Common Rail injection system ensures optimum use of fuel through an injection pressure of over 1500 bar. The fuel thus injected in the combustion chamber allows the engine to deliver more power while reducing noise and vibration significantly.

Reliability through Experience

The Nanni Diesel 6-cylinders engines have demonstrated for a long time that it is possible to combine an high output power and an outstanding fuel effi ciency. Given its 320 horsepower and its maximum torque of 700 Nm, the V6.320 is particularly suited to cruising boats as well as leisure motorboat, while a 700 rpm idle speed will be highly appreciated for fi shing-trawling, and for manoeuvres in the harbour, as well.
Accessibility to the different points of service eases the maintenance of the engine as well as the gearwheel distribution which makes furthermore the engine more robust and reliable.

Space saving and powerful

The power to weight ratio of this 320 horsepower engine is one of its greatest advantages. Its reduced dimensions also ease its onboard installation and allow it to be mounted in numerous boats.
With the combination of all those essential qualities – light weight, Common Rail injection system and 320 horsepower – you can count on a dynamic motorization with a great reserve of power for all situations.

Environmentally friendly

The electronically controlled Common Rail direct injection system allows the V6.320 to comply with the most stringent emissions standards worldwide

Available transmissions

ZF63A (hydraulic)

TTM50A (hydraulic)